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How to Get Out of Tax Debt in 2020

by Justin Moyer, North Carolina Tax Controversy Attorney with Murray Moyer, PLLC How to Get Out of Tax Debt The new year often brings with it a aura of hope that comes from making resolutions and with this being the turn of a decade, you may be thinking now is the time to finally get out of tax debt. A huge tax bill, especially one you cannot fathom how to pay in...

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IRS Complaint? Know Your Taxpayer Rights

IRS Complaint? Know your Taxpayer Rights by Justin Moyer, Tax Controversy Attorney based in Raleigh, NC When you receive correspondence from the IRS and feel that you are not being treated with professionalism and respect, you may want to initiate an IRS complaint. To know how to do this correctly, it is important that you understand your rights as an American...

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Digital Tax Administration: The Future of Tax Reporting & Transparency

Digital Tax Administration Many business owners recognize a recent shift towards more transparency of data related to tax compliance and new approach to digital tax administration. This is a result of many issues including frequently changing tax policies, digital tools that allow for real-time reporting and the ability of tax authorities to execute more aggressive...

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Back Taxes May Lead to Revoked Passports

Back Taxes May Lead to Revoked Passports Back taxes may lead to revoked passports. The IRS recently notified more than 400,000 taxpayers that their passports will be revoked for back taxes. Under Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, the State Department must deny any passport applications or renewal requests from taxpayers owing more than $52,000 in...

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IRS Mass Mailing of Tax Bills

How to Respond if You Cannot Pay In Full Contact Us for a Consultation About Your Tax Bill Last year’s tax filing was more complex than prior years because it was the first year that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was in full effect. The new tax law created an unwelcomed surprise for many — a tax bill rather than a refund. As a result, many North Carolina...

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How Long is a Federal Tax Lien Valid?

by Justin Moyer, Tax Attorney located in Raleigh, North Carolina How Long is a Federal Tax Lien Valid? We frequently get calls from potential clients who ask us, “how long is a tax lien valid”? They may ask us to help them determine if the “statute of limitations” on an old tax debt has run yet or not. Here’s a quick overview as to how the IRS’ CSEDs...

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