Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Many growing North Carolina businesses make the wise decision to outsource bookkeeping. You may start by wondering – What does a bookkeeper do? For starters, bookkeepers help you get back to business. To learn more about the specific tasks that can be outsourced to bookkeepers at Murray Moyer, PLLC, read our post, Bookkeepers Help You Get Back to Business.

If you find yourself considering the option of outsourcing bookkeeping services, review these top five questions to ask when hiring a bookkeeper:

  1. What does a bookkeeper do?
  • Bookkeepers maintain accurate records of all your company’s financial transactions;
  • They reconcile monthly bank statements;
  • They manage and monitor all bank feeds;
  • They prepare financial statements. Generally, our bookkeepers prepare three main financial statements for your company on a monthly basis– the P&L (profit and loss statement), a balance sheet and a cash flow analysis.
  • Bookkeepers work seamlessly to transition the financials over to our firm’s tax return preparers, and
  • They work closely with your payroll service provider.

2. What level of experience does the bookkeeper have? And in what specific industries?

At Murray Moyer, PLLC our team is experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working and focused on accuracy. Our bookkeeping services team boasts over 30 years of experience across many industries. Check out our professionals’ bios here.

3. How does a bookkeeper communicate with clients?

Keeping the lines of communication open ensures accuracy in the final work product. We use the platform that best suits each particular client while ensuring that all documents are shared safely and securely using strict protocols. Most clients prefer Quickbooks and we are very familiar with this product.

4. What are the turnaround times?

The three primary documents are sent to each client monthly in a secure online format. Reconciliation also occurs on a monthly basis. We work hard to ensure all clients’ forms are filed in a timely manner and will communicate as often as needed to provide superior service.

5. How does the bookkeeper interact with tax preparers?

Prior to tax filing deadlines, the bookkeeper will compile the required information and submit it to the tax preparers housed in the same firm. Having the team work cohesively together is one of the benefits provided at Murray Moyer, PLLC. Using the same software programs and staying in close contact makes for seamless transitions during a busy tax season.

To learn more about hiring Murray Moyer, PLLC for bookkeeping services contact us today and we will answer in depth the question – what does a bookkeeper do and specifically what can we do for you? They are such a vital part of a small business and can make your business grow in ways you may not have considered. Inquire today about our small business bookkeeping services by calling us at (919) 846-6779.

Written by Michael Murray on September 27, 2021.