Bookkeepers Help You Get Back to Business

Finding the right bookkeepers for your small business makes a tremendous difference in productivity and your bottom line. Bookkeepers record all the financial transactions and reconcile your company’s accounts on a monthly basis. Below is a brief list of the services offered by Murray Moyer, PLLC’s bookkeepers for small businesses:

  • Keeping accurate records of all your company’s financial transactions
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Managing all bank feeds
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Seamlessly transitioning to our firm’s tax return preparers, and
  • Working closely with your payroll service provider to ensure accuracy.

Record Keeping and Reconciling

Using state of the art technology, our bookkeepers for small businesses provide a streamlined approach to ensuring your company’s records are accurate and accessible. Monthly account reconciliation matches the transaction details in your accounting software to your bank statements, credit card statements and other financial account statements. By managing your bank feeds in real time, all transactions sync from your bank accounts into the accounting software. Bookkeepers for small businesses keep an eye on these transactions and make sure they are categorized correctly.

Monthly Financial Statements

Generally, we prepare three main financial statements for your company on a monthly basis– the P&L (profit and loss statement), a balance sheet and a cash flow analysis. The P&L shows your operating expenses and bottom line. The balance sheet shows the current status of your assets and liabilities and the cash flow analysis shows how much cash flows in and out of the company for that designated period.

Tax Preparation

At Murray Moyer, PLLC we provide tax preparation services, bookkeeping and legal services related to tax controversy. With professionals knowledgeable in each of these areas, tax preparation seamlessly flows from our bookkeeper for small businesses services. Our bookkeepers have training in recording, categorizing and reconciling financial transactions. They make accurate financial records available to our CPAs (certified public accountants) who then analyze your company’s finances and advise you on ways to conserve costs and increase profits. Our tax preparers prepare your tax returns and our legal team assists with any audits or issues relating to inability to pay taxes owed.


We work with your payroll service provider to input data into the accounting software. The payroll service provider processes the paychecks and submits tax forms and payments while we ensure the data is accurately reflected in the financial statements.

The whole team of knowledgeable advisors can assist your company with all your financial requirements allowing you to use your time running your business. For more information, schedule a consultation with the tax professionals at Murray Moyer, PLLC by calling us at (919) 846-6779.

Written by Justin Moyer on July 21, 2021.