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Resolving Tax Disputes with the IRS Appeals Division

Murray Moyer, PLLC can guide you through the IRS Appeals process and procedures. The IRS provides taxpayers with opportunities to administratively address their collection or audit matter.

Many disputes between a taxpayer and the IRS are settled or compromised in some way. The IRS Appeals Division is the independent organization within the IRS that handles administrative review of certain cases. Murray Moyer, PLLC’s experienced tax attorneys can assist you with obtaining a favorable result with the IRS Appeals Division.

What is the Internal Revenue Service IRS Appeals Division?

The IRS Appeals Division exists to facilitate negotiation and possible settlement of tax debts without going to trial. The IRS Appeals Division’s stated mission is to resolve tax controversies on a fair and impartial basis to both the Internal Revenue Service and the taxpayer, without litigation.  The IRS Appeals Division generally handles appeals arising from audits conducted by the IRS examination function, but it also handles appeals of collection actions (i.e., liens, levies, seizures, or denial of installment agreements), refund claims, collection due process hearings, offers in compromise, and interest abatement claims.

What to Expect at IRS Appeals Conference

The IRS Appeals conference is an informal procedure under the IRS guidelines.  The IRS Appeals officer will review your proposal for alternative resolution and evidence supporting your position. By being prepared, you show the IRS that you are willing to work toward resolution of the tax issues.

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