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2020 Round Up of the Murray Moyer Tax Blog

In case you missed any of these articles, you can catch up below:

tax liens and levies

Tax Liens and Levies

In Part 1, we discuss federal tax liens issued by the IRS as legal claims against your property when you fail to pay valid tax debts. We explained how these tax liens can impact your credit and what you can do to avoid them. In Part 2 we explain tax levies, which are different from tax liens.

IRS tax audit

Tax Audits

If facing an IRS or other agency tax audit, we discuss first what to expect and then how to prepare:

IRS Audit Help – What to Expect from a Tax Audit

Tax Audit Help – Preparation is Key

tax preparation services raleigh nc

End-of-Year Tax Preparation Tips

Before the close of 2020, review these tips from our tax professionals to help save time and money on your tax preparation as we head into a new tax season.